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Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is that there is no real one way to teach. We are not buying a hat that one size fits all. All my programs are individually designed that build on the strengths of the students swing and eliminates the one swing flaw that inhibits game improvement. Through shared responsibilities between coach and student all goals can be reached.

I have two approaches to the way I teach. The first approach is geared toward the beginner and the second for the established player.

Beginners Approach:

  • All beginners will be taught from mini-swing to full swing through levels of development. This process if adhered to could avoid any back pain or injury.
  • The beginner must gain mental and physical awareness to why the ball goes in the air, how the club works and that golf is a pure science when dealing with ball flight (levels 1 and 2).
  • After gaining control; of the fundamentals that create solid contact and air time and not before can we advance toward distance and direction (levels 3 and 4).
  • The final level would be developing an improvement plan toward lowering your golf score. This would include pitching,chipping and putting along with a swing that could repeat itself while being self corrected without any help from friends or significant others.

Established Players Approach:

  • All established players start with setting goals and evaluation of current swing through video analysis and/or undesired ball flight.
  • Development and understanding is based on enhancing on your strong points and eliminating the weak link, the single swing flaw that destroys improvement.
  • A personalized improvement plan is developed through video analysis and practice drills for use on the range or at home to eliminate that single swing flaw.
  • In order for the established player to improve they must gain an understanding of the mental and physical challenges needed to improve and that golf is a pure science of cause and effect.
  • If you continue fixing the effect(the compensation) you will never change or adjust the cause,your single swing flaw.

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